NOTICE: Do not let POP-UP ADS get the best of your internet experience and overall satisfaction!


The ads that occasionally pop-up or appear in the screen when trying to view ad should be scrolled past if possible. If you cannot scroll past the ad, wait until you see the “X” appear, usually in the top right corner, or look for a link (usually in small print and not very visible) that says “Click here to skip ad” or a similar phrase to that.

Clicking unknown potentially harmful pop-up ads can sometimes install useless, space-consuming and irritating spyware to your computer which can slow your computer processing speed down and cause it to crash from overloading (due to the unknown, unseen, and memory by running any and all ‘add-ons’ in the background of whatever task is at hand when using a computer.

I hope this helps avoid any future internet adware or spyware issues you may encounter. I’m no tech genius, nor very savvy but I have learned that pop-ups are a NIGHTMARE and would hate for you to make the same (avoidable) problems I’ve had to deal with in the past.

Have a wonderful, sunshiney day and be sure to remember and show your gratitude for the mercy and grace the One up above selflessly has given to all! May we each feel the peace from HE who dwells in us!